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Alexander Grünberg


Alex is a bi-lingual facilitator who mediates, trains and coaches for improved communication skills, conflict resolution and leadership development. Of particular note is his work with clients on how to navigate tough conversations, improving presentations, and the importance of appearance (both in-person and in front of the camera).

Drawing from his background of psychology studies at the University of Heidelberg and his acting studies at the Drama School of Hamburg, Alex understands the importance of training others to better understand and communicate with their audiences – small or large.

He is a Certified Conflict-consultant and Mediator (University of Hamburg), a Certified DiSC® trainer, and also certified in Tracer-Strategieanalysis®.

Alex describes himself as a family man who loves the sun and seaside. If not golfing or horseback riding, he just enjoys good stories – whether on film, stage or in books, and good music of any kind.




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