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Candice Thompson


With over 25 years in marketing, sales, operations, economic development and workforce preparation, Candice brings real life insight and practical guidance to her coaching and facilitation practice. Her passion is working with business leaders to strengthen not only their communication skills but also their ability to strategically achieve goals. As a facilitator with companies such as Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, GE, and SC Hospitality Association, Candice brings the right mix of interactive energy, humor and thought-provoking insight to the “stage”.
Candice Thompson
Candice likes to warn people that her middle name is “Questions.” She isn’t afraid to ask probing ones and loves the deep discussions that come from asking the hard ones. The daughter of an Army Master Sergeant, she gets her analytical style, strategic forethought, and dogged determination honestly. So, it’s refreshing, if not a bit surprising, to know that she brings a whimsical balance to her projects with an artist’s eye and a creative heart.

Facilitation, team alignment and working with companies with a hunger for growth is her forte. Candice has created client service programs and reporting, marketing campaigns, graphic design pieces, sales presentations, training protocol, operational procedures, accounting processes, and a bit of everything else that is done when growing a business. She is a paralegal, has driven a race car, and keeps up with music trends. Candice is focused on driving professional growth through sound efficiency, credible processes and a realistic growth pattern.

As a business coach, trainer, and consultant, Candice becomes the objective insider that challenges the status quo and builds bridges to the next level of success. On the stage, her style is interactive, authentic and thought provoking. Have we mentioned that she tends to ask a lot of questions that really make you think and look at things differently?




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