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Elisabeth Dalle


When Elisabeth is not busy facilitating Black Sheep programs, she is managing her coaching and facilitation firm, which she founded in 2020 in Bordeaux, France. Her early career was spent as a communication and skills development manager, and she has dedicated numerous hours helping to train and grow leaders in the retailing, banking and insurance sectors.

Elisabeth holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences, and has countless hours of experience in aiding clients to strengthen their internal communication strategies, as well as serving in an advisory capacity on various management committees to aid with optimization of messages, company
conventions and incentive seminars. In addition, she holds a second Master’s degree in HR Engineering, Training and Employment Systems from the University of Economic and Social Sciences of Toulouse.

While working in recruitment, management and development of human capital, Elisabeth’s focus on boosting team performance, both technically and behaviorally keeps clients coming back for more. If you asked her, she would say her passion is for influencing and mobilizing! Elisabeth is inspired to engage teams to be an integral part of their company’s growth and transformation.

In 2019, Elisabeth broadened her field of expertise even more by becoming certified as an executive coach. Inspiring individuals to reach their objectives and to go beyond their limits is the fuel that ignites her passion as both a coach and facilitator.




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