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Erika Migliaccio


“Doors will open to those who are BOLD enough to knock.” And with that in mind, our newest Black Sheep consultant – Erika Migliaccio – gathered up her corporate experience (and her courage) to open a new door. Fueled by a fierce drive for delivering value and a passion for bringing out the best in others, Erika’s vibrant energy is contagious. “She has a magnetic effect that inspires others to reach their full potential and achieve what they never thought possible.”

Erika is an energetic and innovative human resources executive with nineteen years of experience leading large, multi-national teams through a variety of business cycles, in both generalist and specialist roles. Combining deep business acumen, creativity and strategic vision, Erika shatters the bounds of “traditional” Human Resources and measures success by the value she delivers to the employees and businesses she serves. “Her creativity and organizational understanding combine to create ideas – like bolts of lightning – that she not only gets started but knows how to implement all the way.” This innovative approach – combined with her perseverance, willingness to push boundaries and heart – has driven significant business results while inspiring and engaging employees.

Erika has invested over 34,000 hours of her life into figuring out what senior leadership is “really” searching for when tapping talent for leadership roles. After one too many meetings hearing leaders say, “I would like to promote him/her but they don’t have the breadth of experience they need for this strategic role,” she took matters into her own hands and created The B.O.L.D. Career Path Model – a systematic approach to decoding the promotion puzzle for aspiring leaders. All original content, Erika has streamlined years of talent identification, development and coaching experience into a process that is clear, compelling and actionable.

Currently living in upstate New York, Erika’s professional career has taken her around the globe and back again. She has survived multiple corporate transformations – with her humor and fashion sense intact – translating these experiences into deep wisdom and personal transformation.




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