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Göran brings a myriad of experience as a trainer, consultant, facilitator and coach to team Black Sheep. Jokingly dubbed the “Blonde Black Sheep”, he has trained thousands of people around the globe in a variety of different programs, primarily within: Sales, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Brand Enhancement and Customer enthusiasm.
Göran has received certifications from more than 30 different global organizations including DiSC, Vital Smarts and Myers Briggs. He is equipped with a variety of training methods and strategies which provide a customized delivery to the needs of his clients.

Göran’s natural curiosity and transparency are two of the primary reasons he is a client favorite. He “will take your team members from impossible to I’m Possible!”




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Black Sheep is known by the company we keep. And we have coached and consulted
the best-of-the-best in business, government, health care, and non-profit.