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Irene De Bruin


Irene is a leadership development/human resources professional with over 30 years of experience in an international business setting. Having significant experience in developing and delivering leadership development globally, she has facilitated leadership groups from front line emerging to mid-level leaders, while retaining an appreciation of the impact of languages and cultural sensitivities.

She is a bi-lingual facilitator who holds coaching as a particular passion and also enjoys working with new leaders to help them enhance their skills, facilitate problem-solving & address behavioral challenges.

Irene connects with the audience by offering what she calls her key ‘gifts’ to everyone with whom she works: her natural inclination to support and coach others (quickly sharing feedback and setting up growth opportunities), a drive to always fully understand the crux of a problem and therefore act as a true sounding board, and always looking for opportunities to inject fun and humor into a conversation.

Outside of work, Irene is a local language coach for refugees. She also enjoys (fun) facts about wine, and is an avid wine collector. And she says to stay in shape despite the wine, she’s a fond golfer and Pilates fan and has started taking drum lessons.




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