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Kimberly Faith


Known as an engaging speaker, trainer, executive coach, and consultant, Kim brings experience that ranges from systems thinking and leadership development to communication skills, and personal branding. Her easygoing style and sense of humor has made her a hit with audiences large and small for the past twenty years. As the last generation to actually use an overhead projector, Kim’s approach is appealing to a broad range of audiences.

Kim has trained and coached over fifty thousand leaders from Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, American Airlines, BMW, Boeing, CVS, GE, HCA, Kimberly Clark, Lockheed Martin, Nielsen, and Target, as well as worked on licensing deals with Warner Brothers, Disney and MGM. 

She was part of an exclusive invitation to be part of Microsoft’s external faculty to train 16,000 leaders. Kim understands the challenges of large organizations and uses her systems thinking expertise to inspire leaders to see the forest vs the trees.

She was influenced early in her career by Dr. Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline. Kim’s work in systems thinking and life-long learning was included in Senge’s follow-up book, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook (pages 502-504). Kim has been training leaders at all levels the tools and art of systems thinking inspiring them to integrate this approach to their personal and professional lives.

She often speaks at workshops and conferences about women’s leadership, systems thinking, and executive communications. She has been a guest on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network and Start-Up Nation Radio. Kim has been featured in articles for Women’s Entrepreneurship Magazine, Ladies Who Launch and The Wall Street Journal. Kim was published in Women’s World Magazine and has a book she co-authored with Jeff Black, Unleash Your BS (Best Self) Put Your Executive Presence to the Test. She also published a book geared towards women titled Your Lion Inside: Tapping Into the Power Within which was released in Korean in August of 2022. She currently volunteers for a non-profit by serving as the Chief Experience Officer for the University of Science & Philosophy in Waynesboro, VA based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Walter & Lao Russell.

She has extensive experience in learning simulations of varying degrees having invested over 10,000 hours of her life in design and support for adult learning experiences. Kim has designed programs for a multitude of organizations based on the fundamentals of adult learning theory. Her specialty is the ability to design an emotionally engaging component into the learning thereby increasing the retention rate in adult learners and business executives.

Her business journey has taken her across the globe, to almost every state in the US, small towns and big cities, coast to coast, and even included a walk down the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Kim’s invitation from Warner Brothers came as a result of an exclusive licensing deal she held for a Harry Potter product line.




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