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Nathalie Chassaing


Nathalie is an executive coach and trainer who is passionate about people, skills development andcommunication. With 30 years of experience in Human Resources, including working with variouslevels of personnel in organizational behavior and HR change management, she uses her talents incorporate training & development to maximize both workforce engagement and productivity.

As a bi-lingual facilitator, Nathalie’s passion is working with clients in the areas of Executive Leadership Management & Talent Development, Strategic Change Management, Strategic & Operational HR Management, and Coaching & mentoring employees at all levels to realize a successful increase in engagement and team morale.

Black Sheep calls Nathalie a caring, agile and dynamic facilitator who has the ability to build strong relationships with her excellent interpersonal and coaching skills. Add to that list, her effective communication strategies, and it is easy to see why audiences both small and large find Nathalie a favorite!

Whether delivering to audiences in her native French tongue or in English, her ability to effectually facilitate via an in-person or virtual classroom setting helps those she trains to better navigate in today’s virtual world.




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