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Patricia Mir Oti


Patricia is a talent consultant and coach whose background in management, leadership skills training, human resources and emotional intelligence and human behavior studies make her a powerhouse facilitator. Add to that experience, Patricia’s multi-lingual talents in four languages, and it’s easy to see why she is a multi-faceted favorite with clients and colleagues alike.

Whether helping clients to define and implement people management policies, navigate conflict resolution, manage change and transformation, or define culture and values, Patricia brings her extensive knowledge to aid organizations both large and small in forging the path ahead. Her multi-lingual skills and wit engage clients and allows an easy rapport with those whom she works.

Patricia holds multiple professional credentials, including a degree in Business Administration, e-Business, Morphopsychology, and Sales and Marketing Management. Those degrees along with her background in law studies serve only to affirm the avid learner and student of human behavior we know Patricia to be.

When she is not dazzling audiences with her warmth and insight, Patricia enjoys volunteering with a nonprofit group in Spain whose mission is to “build and cultivate a community of change leaders who transform institutions and cultures so they support change-making for the good of society.”




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