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Willeke Kremer


Willeke is addicted to human behavior. She has been fascinated by human action her whole life. “The world will not be perfect, even after today”, is her slogan. “But if we understand why people act, react and interact, we can make the world a bit more perfect, by our influence. Her mission in life is to help people to connect, to achieve great things together. She loves to interact, teach and challenge the audience with an impactful style and humor.

Willeke has helped individuals, teams and organizations increase effectiveness, achieve better results, and strengthen relationships. She is experienced in working with audiences both large (500+) and small, and knows how to perform on an international stage. No pun intended, given her background in acting.

She loves what she does, because it’s all about creating human connections. “Willeke shows a deep understanding of the content and she has a remarkable way of engaging the group in both a serious and humorous way. Great presenter; knows how to engage and to create safety.” -former training participant

Willeke holds many master certifications – Influencer, Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability – to name a few, and offers her multilingual skills to clients in the sales, government, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, education and non-profit arenas.

She also enjoys time with her family, running, traveling, reading and painting.




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