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Judith Krukkert


Judith’s motto is “Effective communication leads to connection.” That enthusiastic
approach, coupled with her years of experience in communication training and leadership development, allow Judith to use her insight, awareness and expertise to help organizations, teams and individuals gain clear insight into how to achieve concrete results while maintaining the relationship. Safety and trust are her top priorities.

With a background in drama and then as a communications consultant in both the business and agency worlds, Judith uses her multi-lingual skills and humor to engage clients and always delivers on meeting the learning needs of those with whom she works.

Among her multiple professional credentials, she holds a certification for the Insights Discovery Profile, is a Certified Trainer in Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability and Situational Leadership II (Blanchard).

She has worked for a variety of clients, from municipalities to healthcare institutions, multinational corporations, and educational and cultural entities. Her areas of expertise include communication, leadership, coaching, sales, personal development and team development.

Judith literally and figuratively loves to keep moving. During her college days, she worked as a certified jazz ballet teacher and is a certified Yoga Teacher with her own yoga group. She enjoys skating, running, tennis and spending time with her family and friends.




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